Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Exhibit

My trust Nilus Leclerc is back on production mode!! The next couple of warps will be pretty ordinary colorwise. I had a request for a yellow top and vest so I gathered yarns for it. There's a bit of difference in the colors but it's all yellow. I have some nice old plastic yellow buttons that I've acquired over the years and am looking forward to seeing how they look on the vests. There's 3 tops, 3 vests and 2 shorter vests that I"ll accent with triangles probably in white on this warp. Probably I'll put white or natural buttons on those shorter vests once they're ready for that. I have alot left to weave on here but hope to get it off the loom tomorrow. Then it'll be on to plum....
 This morning I drove downtown to the Emporium on Gay St in Knoxville. The Foothills Craft Guild is putting on a exhibit this weekend (and sale!). It's all part of First Friday. The first Friday or each month downtown is alive! It  starts about 5pm and shops are open til 9pm with food and drink and music.  It's becoming "the thing" to go gallery hopping on First Friday!  I also belong to the Art Market Gallery and each month we contribute food for the evening. I don't often get out to other galleries but this time I"ll head down the few blocks to the Emporium. I think there are 35 of us that are each putting in 3 pieces for the show. I was one of the first to get there and I took a few pictures of my things in the big empty room.
 The blue striped jacket is a take off on a picture I saw of a knitted jacket a few years ago. Doesn't look anything like the picture, but it inspired a stripe progression that I think works out quite well. The back of it has 3 black squares sewn on near the top and so it's called Squares. The other jacket used to be a coat that I wove. I didn't like it as a coat so this winter I cut off the bottom and made it a jacket. Those are ultrasuede triangles sewn on. Of course it's called Triangles.
 I will try to have a close up picture next week of the last one I brought. It's called Paint. It's one of the 3 vests I wove on the painted warp I recently did. The wefts were painted as well so the colors would be interesting. It has a nice hand to it and I am hoping to see some interest in the idea of painted warps by me. I crochet almost all of my edges and the finer yarn was a bear to do. I may have to think of a different way to finish them or else resign myself to a longer time to finish them. That would add to the price as well.... But I love the effect.
A big cavernous lower level gallery, rough floors and all!! By tonight it should look alot better and by tomorrow all set. I hope to drop by Friday evening for awhile and will work Saturday morning keeping an eye on all the art being displayed. There will be jewelry, pottery, etc etc.
So I'm back home for the day and about to head down to the studio to see if I can get a few more pieces woven on my cheerful yellow warp. The wind's dying  down and we didn't get any of the blizzard conditions they had up north. Just a bit of rain yesterday is all we had! Can't complain and thankful I don't have to walk to school any more in 20 below weather with a 20 mph wind blowing across the prairies!!


LA said...

Those pieces are beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear the reactions of your painted warp. This is a whole new direction for your fiber art!!!

Bonnie said...

They are beautiful. The cut off coat looks great as a jacket. You are getting very busy again.

Anonymous said...

I love Paint - what a beautiful way to incorporate the painted warp. We enjoyed many of those First Fridays. I'm sure you'll do well at the sale. It's dropping to 10 below and 20+ mph here; I guess that's warm by Canada standards! ~ Marta

Tina J said...

That yellow is trying to bring spring with it! Love the jackets and how you remake items that don't turn out right the first time.

Theresa said...

If I could stop by I would. Take lots of pictures!
The pieces look just lovely, if not a bit lonely there and the yellow warp can't help but make you smile.