Monday, January 31, 2011

Shuttle Flight

 This beautiful, sunny, spring-like weekend should have found me outside, building walkways or taking down the Christmas lights (yes, they're still up!  Gotta problem with that?), but instead, I had a deadline to meet.  There are two babies for these blankets, and one of them came two weeks early, late Saturday night.  This is the very beginning of the first one, with one motif tone-on-tone, the next in the hand-dyed baby blue, then on to the body in tone-on-tone.
  I've just started the end border of the blue, late yesterday afternoon, but the weaving is slow going, due to a problem I've never had to this extent.  I'm asking for your help again, Dear Readers!  This is a wide warp for me, and I'm thinking that's the problem, but I want to know how you address this issue.  When I throw the shuttle across the shuttle race, the bobbins spin more than they need to, causing the threads to wrap around the back of the pins.  The shuttle stops and I have to reach in the warp and either untangle it in the warp, or push it back out and untangle it before I can weave the pick again.
  At first, I thought it was because I was using wooden bobbins, since they're slightly shorter, but I switched to all plastic ones, and it happens just as much.  Yelling doesn't help, in case you were going to suggest that.  Neither does going to get another cup of coffee.  I try to keep my tension on the bobbins when they're winding even and tight.  I've tried to duplicate the throw when I see I've done it right, but obviously I'm doing something wrong.
  Have you had this problem?  What do you do?  Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  In the meantime, I hope YOU have happy weaving!


Harma said...

Line them with some fake fur. That would slow them down a bit.

Theresa said...

Put a bead on each one to take up little bit of space that allows it to wiggle back and forth.
The blankets are beautiful though...

Bonnie said...

I have had that happen to me. I thought it was because I wound it too close to the end of the bobbin. The blanket is beautiful. That is a very nice blue. Can't wait to see the finished item.

Carol said...

I put washers on each side of my bobbins. That works because otherwise mine get hung up. I think you just need something to slow it a bit. Good luck!!

Daryl said...

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Daryl Lancaster