Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Terrific Tuesday!!!

The results of our Dye Day are starting to show up!  On the left are Carl's placemats that he wove with his painted warp.  Can you see yourself sitting on a sunny porch having a lovely lunch????

And Ms. Ila (on the right) has finished her dye warp scarf.  I wish you could feel how soft it is...and don't you just LOVE those colors????

La Donna has been busy at her loom, too!  Just look at those colors!!!!

It just fuels the imagination for our next Dye Day!!!

Allan had Carl help him out while he cut strips of denim for his rug weft.  Of course, you have to join all those strips together before you can put them on the shuttle!!!!

Tina brought her beautiful handspun to share with the group.  And, she even got a chance today to sit down and weave.  That linen warp that Maggie put on is lovely!!!

Linda is making mug rugs using a bright yellow weft....yes, Linda, a lot of people LOVE yellow!!!

Ann takes time every now & then to peek over the top of the loom.   You have to keep up with what's going on around here!!!!

Pat has switched over to a twill table runner on her warp.  It has such a beautiful texture!

Carol and Nada are putting together a thread order. 

Bonnie is weaving on her tote bag warp.  We got the handles woven in and braided.  This is wool, so this bag is going to FELT....it should be interesting! 
  I wore Joyce's favorite sweatshirt today (wink, wink)....this shirt is guaranteed to set her off!!!!!  (She's an UA girl!)
  And that, my friends, is another lovely day at the Center!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

It was a busy and full fun day. The bag warp is going to be fun with the wool.

Tina J said...

Did I count 15 weavers today?

Linda said...

We had a full house and it was a fun day as usual.

Tina, I really like your yarn!


Bonnie said...

I think it was about 18 with the new people.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those painted warps turned into stunning weavings. Can't wait to see Bonnie's tote bag after the felting. ~Marta

Maggie said...

The dyed finished pieces are all gorgeous! And everyone looks so happy! Love the picture of Ann!