Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Checking off the list

The plum has been on the loom and now off!! Still waiting to be serged and washed because I have to finish the second serging process with the lemon pieces (cutting table still full of end of year bookkeeping that I'm still avoiding...) but it's woven. Notice the upper left side of the picture at the top of the beater. The finish has worn off on that one spot. I try to get my hand in the middle of the beater when I pull it to myself but somehow this one spot must have had less varnish or something. I've had this loom since 1980 and weave on it almost every day. It's held up remarkably well!!

 I'm weaving pink now. It's a bright cheerful pink. I've just got a couple of more pieces to weave on it and then it's off. DD thought it was the brightest color I'd ever woven but I have woven it before. It's just been a few years.  Next up will be white. Then I think I"m done with the more solid color warps for awhile. I will have to weave black somewhere down the road. I've got an order for a dress but she's not in a hurry and I want to get the spring colors done!
 My wolf pup has little mug rugs on it. I would like to get them woven off this weekend so I can get them to the center to add to the pile to go to Fiber Forum. Up next on that loom will be some hand towels. We're to demonstrate weaving in March and I want something simple but pretty on there for that.
The scarf warp is still on my baby wolf and I've woven a few inches on it. Each time you weave, as the warp moves and the colors change, the whole piece gets a different look, kind of like Ann's scarves yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting those off the loom so that I can get a picture of them on here as well.
So today I'm off to Gatlinburg to take a stack of handwoven pieces to Arrowcraft, a shop that carries my pieces. I'm taking very light colors. Spring is just around the corner and I'm hoping that people will be interested in getting a handwoven vest or jacket that's just right for spring!!  I should be back at my loom late afternoon. I want to get that pink warp off!!
Until next time.


Roxie said...

You are a weavin' fool! You're just knocking this stuff out like a professional. Great work!!

LA said...

You've got quite a lot of fabric woven up to finish! I know they'll be beautiful coats, jackets, vests and dresses! But, please take time to enjoy this lovely weather we're having right now!

Linda said...

Looking at those colors is like a breath of fresh air. Spring has arrived on your looms!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful. Spring has sprung.

Tina J said...

Oh I needed to see those colors today, I am still in recovery mode but hubby is layed low with it now. Evidently it wasn't the mold in the hay!

Theresa said...

Boy and people think I'm productive! That's a whole lot of weaving. Love the mug rug colors.