Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I type this, it's still snowing!! It was supposed to be done by now but they've continued the advisory til about noon today. Hopefully that will be it. It's not going to go above freezing today so everything on the ground will stay until Friday when the temperature creeps above freezing and Saturday, when our dye day is scheduled, it's going to be in the 40s!!! Yeah!!!
Monday afternoon I took some pictures of our place. Good thing DH has a jeep since that's all that will get us out of our place.

 This part of our driveway is the easy part, around the curve to the left  it goes fairly steeply down to our street and then left down the street it's a fairly short but steep drive to another road which will finally get us out to the main road.  We love living up here and wouldn't trade it for anything, so we just deal with the few days a year when it gets really tricky!
 I've not been out since Sunday. So, I'm getting some weaving done. I had an order for 7 placemats. The warp is dark brown and the weft is a combination of 5 neutrals.  I just emailed the person that ordered them. She wrote back that she's at John C Campbell's this week. Boy, am I jealous!! I would love to be there taking a class and learning new things. Maybe someday...
 Of course I put a fairly long warp on. I've woven 18 placemats so far on this warp and I suspect I have 4 or 5 more on there. I had a bit of peach fabric that was cut on the bias about 1/2 wide and on a cone. This was the last bit from a cone I had woven with a year ago. So got a runner with that and then decided to go through my carpet warp for either 6 or 8 placemats using a couple of dark almost purple/burgundy colors, an olive, a navy and blue yarns. 
I really love this new color combination. It's dark but rich. Almost makes me want to put another warp on for placemats and see what combinations I can come up with since I have a fair amount of carpet warp colors here. However, the next warp will have to be back in my production mode. I'm not sure what I"ll put on yet, but hope to wind that warp this afternoon. Also have to wind my warp for the dye day on Saturday. I have a huge cone of cotton that I wound balls off of so that I can wind a warp quickly. Also have a big skein being wound for weft for this project. It'll be something new for me to weave and I'm looking forward to it!
Being stuck at home is kind of nice! We've got power and I made sure we had enough food to last awhile, so we're in fine shape! Not like the blizzard of '93 where we didn't have power for 5 days! So, it's back to my studio for me.


Bonnie said...

The color combinations look good. Amazing what you can do with a brown warp.

Linda said...

What a terrific view! I just love snow!

Those placemats look really nice! I really like the color combinations!

LA said...

All of that with a brown warp! WOW! My scarf warp from the last dye day is weaving up very quickly. I can't wait to try a new one!

Maggie said...

After my third snow day in my studio, I'm starting to go stir crazy! I'm mopping, dusting, washing and other nefarious activities! But I'd better get back in the studio and wind one more dye-able warp. Stay warm and safe!

Tina J said...

Ah, Ellen's Pattern never ceases to amaze me. So simple and yet you can do so much with it.
I am taking a break for lunch, and then getting back to it. I have finished one Couch Throw in Smoke Blue and have started a Baby Blanket in Limestone.
I love the look of untouched snow!