Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tip of the Day Tuesday

It was crazy busy at the Center today!
Our new students are zipping along with their projects, and Joyce is playing with her new loom.  LaDonna is working on the triangle loom (love those shades of red!) and Linda is weaving mug rugs for the goody bags for the fiber conference coming up in April.  Ms. Bonnie has her warp on and she's weaving, too.
  Bonnie is almost finished threading the 36" wide project on her loom, and Carl finished one of the rag bags on his loom.
  And, this brings us to the Tip of the Day....the stick trick!!!  Tina took this opportunity to show us how it's done!

This trick works great when you need to cut the project off the loom, but you don't want to waste thread tying back on the loom.  Weave 1" of plain weave.  Place a stick in the shed.
 Weave another inch of plain weave and add the second stick.
Weave one more inch of plain weave.
Advance the warp to where the sticks are at the beam.  Loosen the warp and cut between your project and the first inch of plain weave.
Fold the first stick under the second stick.
Lash the sticks to the apron bar.  You're ready to weave again!!!!
Thank you, Tina!!!

And, just keeping on keeping on....Pat is winding another stash bashing warp of small amounts of carpet warp that need to be used up!  Way to go, Pat!

Can't wait to see that project on a loom!

And, to the rest of us....we'll just keep on keeping on, too!
Happy Weaving,


Tina J said...

I think I counted 14 weavers there today! I also got a call from a new student for next week, we are really busting at the seams. I was a great day, and it is good to be back after being gone for awhile.

Bonnie said...

It was a busy day. LouAnn, Lanny and I got a lot done. My loom is finally threaded and ready to tie onto the front beam. I stayed late today to get it finished. Now I will be ready to do blue jean tote bags. (with LouAnn's help)