Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As Per Your Request!!!

Today was a BUSY day at the Center!!!  So, hang on to your hat because HERE GOES.........

I've had several request for a picture of Lanny's scarf.  This is Jager Spun Wool, and it's a pleasure to touch!  You can't see the 3 shuttles to the side:  light blue, darker blue and pink.  The pink threads will be clipped (of course) when the scarf is finished.

Say hello to Charlotte, our newest weaver!!!  Carol has her working on mug rugs for the goody bags.

And, welcome back, Ms. Joyce!  We are so glad you are back with us.  She brought her twining frame to the Center today, and was busy working on a mat.

Ms. Ila cut off her warp today....there were 13 lace placemats!

Trudy wanted to learn how to weave belts on the Inkle loom, so Ann took some timeout from her rug warp to get her started.

Ms. Bonnie is working away on her loom in the background.

Carl got his handles woven in to his purse warp, and Bonnie is threading the warp on the totebag warp. (My bad....I didn't get those pictures!)

And, now, as requested, the WHO got WHAT in Saturday's exchange.  We had requests for pictures of who had woven the different items in our exchange, and many of our weavers brought in their items.

Pat received Carol's mug rug& mug and Ms. Ila's scarf.

Bonnie received Linda's mug rug & mug and Ann's scarf.

 Ann received Bonnie's mug rug & mug.

Carl received Allan's mug rug & mug along with Maggie's scarf.

Carol received Trudy's mug rug & mug and Bonnie's scarf.

I received Carl's mug rug & mug and LaDonna's scarf.

Allan couldn't be here today, but he wanted to show the mug rug & mug that he got from Ann.

And, last, but not least....Maggie received Ms. Ila's mug rug & mug and my scarf.
I hope I covered it all (and got it correct!)  We sure did miss Tina today....she's got family coming into town!  But this rainy weather is a good excuse to stay inside and weave!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Thanks, LouAnn for all you work. There were lots of pretty scarves that did not get brought back for pictures. They were all beautiful.

Linda said...

It was so nice to see all the mugs, scarfs and mug rugs in person!

Tina J said...

I haven't seen the items I got yet, all of these really look nice! I will be back next week.

Theresa said...

Lanny's scarf is lovely. The pattern and colors are just perfect together.
Nice to see new faces and that twining looks interesting. Love all the shots of the mugs, rugs and scarves with their people. What a great gift exchange.