Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No more secrets....for now!

With our reveal on Saturday, we are all able to show off our warps now! I've had this mug rug warp on the loom for ages but hadn't been able to show it until now. It's a 1/3 twill and, of course, I"m weaving it by only raising one harness at a time. I'm weaving it on my wolf pup so it's a straight tie up. The other side is much prettier and I think the pictures posted on Tuesday show that side. It does give one an option as to which way to lay it down on the table with the mug. I've got a bunch more on this warp to weave. Most of them will end up in the goody bags at the Southeastern Fiber Forum conference at Arrowmont in April. They weave so quickly, tho. If I just sat down and did it, they'd be off in no time! Even with doing the hemstitching, I think I could weave one off in about 15 minutes! And, that's while watching something on TV at the same time!

 I'm still weaving on the scarf warp sporadically. This is the second scarf that I'm weaving with the turquoise. It's much lighter than the one woven with the royal blue. I like both of them. Once they're off the loom, I'll post a picture of both of them side by side to show the difference. They'll make nice gifts!!! I'm already working on Christmas/birthday gifts for my family so I can take them up in summer!

When we did the dye day at LouAnn's I had wound  3 scarf warps. The first is the one on the loom that I"m weaving with some bamboo yarn I had gotten already dyed. I wanted to dye the weft for the other 2. That's what I did on Saturday.  When we dyed the first time, we were just having fun throwing color on randomly and have a blast. In thinking about the weft, I decided to paint the skein with the two colors that I figured my nieces would really like. I know I have too much weft dyed but that way I have the start for another project. I can wind a warp or several small warps with what's left over and then plan the other sections with other colors, kind of like the warp on my baby wolf.

I love the combination of green and red that I got for the last warp. I probably should have made the red a bit darker but this will work out fine, I hope!

Not having done alot of dye work before, this is something new for me and a challenge. I want to get the warps off my pup and baby wolf quickly so I can put these on!!!!
I've mailed in my yarn order for my production weaving and that will come in the next week so then it'll be back to weaving more production warps and less of this fun stuff. I did paint another warp on Monday here at home where I had less distractions for a project I want to do seeing about combining the dye work with production. It's going to be 3 vests once done, all with different dyed wefts. They're still in their little bags waiting for this afternoon when I rinse them out.
I will be weaving new gloves. My hands are still quite colorful from Monday's dye day when the glove had holes....
About the "no more secrets...for now" comment, we do have our challenge for this year already decided on. I'm sure there'll be lots of discussion and figuring on how to keep it secret til Christmas and still get help or dye what's needed to complete it!!


Tina J said...

Beautiful color combinations! You are as always the Queen of color!

LA said...

I love the colors in your dyed warps! I think we need to be sure we start documenting what we are doing and which colors/designs really work well. These scarves are turning out so lovely, we might want to duplicate them later on (wink, wink!)

Linda said...

Great colors! You have such a knack for what colors look good together!

Bonnie said...

Wonderful color combinations. Can't wait to see the finished products.

Maggie said...

So that's what you were doing! How did you keep those color combinations in your head? I have terrible color memory, but it's obvious that you don't! I really love the deep red with the lime green.