Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cambridge loom tie ups

This is not my day to post but it was brought to my attention, today,  that someone named Cate had posted a message on my Cambridge entry last November. I am so sorry! I didn't go back to read the replies until today. Here is the reply......"

calpfs said... I have this loom, and am a newbie to weaving. I am having trouble getting all the ties to balance out. Any suggestions?
Cate "

Cate, if you are still reading this blog. I apologize for not answering you. You can find some valuable information on tie ups on Joann Hall's website. http://glimakrausa.com/index.html She has a page on there to tell you how to tie up counter balanced looms. What has worked for me better than tie up cords ( ropes) is texolve cords and pegs. I became frustrated with tieing up all those cords and knots. With texolve It is quick and easy. All you have to do to adjust is to move the peg to another hole. I hope this helps you and that you are still reading our blog.

Another idea would be to find a guild in your area and hopefully someone there can help you.


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