Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've got projects on 3 looms. Can't show you the warp on my wolf pup since it's the mug rug for the Christmas party that is next week!! Maggie could show her warp because her mug rugs all are different. Well, if I showed my warp, you'd know exactly what I was doing so it'll have to wait just a bit longer!

 Carl's rug looks so awesome! I love how his painted warp turned out. I did a couple of warps as well but mine are both for scarves. This one I"m weaving with royal blue. I also have some turquoise bamboo so the next scarf will be woven with the turquoise. I think it'll be fun to see how the colors are different and the effects on the scarf that the weft color creates!

The rectangles are off the loom for the guild project. I've got the yarn ready for Cathy and Niki to do theirs. Once those are done I guess we'll have the big reveal. I like how mine turned out altho they may be a bit more weft faced than we were supposed to have them. I wanted to showcase the colors and as a result they are a bit heavier than they could be, I guess.  Haven't ironed them yet but they are all serged and ready for their new homes!
 So I have an order for 7 placemats. She wanted a chocolate color warp and then neutrals in the weft. I just put a long warp on my Nilus and hope to get to weaving today between appointments. Once the 7 are done, I can play a bit with other colors for the weft. I've got alot of carpet warp but also other yarns that are a bit heavier and would be great weft for placemats. I do need to build up my supply of placemats since I don't have many now and I don't want to be caught shorthanded!
This will be the last warp on the Nilus before I get back into production. I've got the other Nilus tho, to do rugs on so hope to get a warp on there soon and  start building up a supply of rugs as well!


LA said...

Your scarf looks great! I've got to get a scarf warp wound for the next Dye Day! I can't wait to see your mug rug!

Tina J said...

Those scarfs are beautiful! I haven't done a thing with mine, to busy with other stuff. I can't wait to get back at it! I still need to get the second scarf done, and plan my next project for the 8 haness.

Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see your mug rug and scarf. That one on the loom is beautiful Who would have thought red, orange, blue and turquoise would look so good together. Yes, that's correct. You would know.

Maggie said...

I love your scarf warp!