Monday, January 17, 2011

Fiber-licious News

 As reported here yesterday by LouAnn, as well as at the Clinch Valley Handweavers' Guild blog, likewise by our roving reporter, LouAnn, Saturday was Dyeing Day for both the Tuesday Weavers and the CVHG.  Lots of dyeing action going on, as you can see.  Some had preconceived ideas; some came, saw, dyed.  Whichever they chose, we all had a good time.
  Cathy wound her warp and skein when she got to the center, then very meticulously colored in the segments.  Pat got down and dirty, impersonating Jackson Pollack while using up the leftover cups of dye.

Carol dyed skeins in large swaths of concentrated color, while LouAnn dabbed on specific colors she'd found in a catalog from a sweater named Aurora Borealis.

  I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I had fun deciding.  Below are the four 9-yard warps of 120 ends each that I wound this past week.  They are destined to be ikat-like stripes in upholstery fabric, if I don't lose my nerve!

Here they are in the sink in my kitchen tonight, soaking, which is where they are at this very moment.   Below are the other pieces I dyed.  The turquoise is carpet warp skein for weft that I dyed for Mom, since she couldn't make it.  The long pink and purple is for her, as well, a warp 6 yards long, of bamboo.  The one hiding in the back will probably be weft in kitchen towels, or...  who knows?

   LouAnn told you all about the big exchange.  Here is my loot:  A scarf made by LouAnn, the embroidery floss in the warp, along with some mohair and wool, as well as the mug rug and matching mug made by Ila.  I wore my scarf to brunch yesterday, then came home for a mug of tea, using mug & rug.

Then I settled into the next project.   Do you think blogger will ever figure out what side is up with our looms?  This is a bamboo warp, 773 ends, 24 epi, for baby blankets.  The pattern is Sun, Moon & Stars from Davison, a pattern I've been dying to make for a long time, just because of the name.  It's the perfect name for a pattern for baby blankets, I think.  I'll be using the dyed weft from our last dye day, and I'll keep you posted on its progress.
  There's been knitting and baking, too, but I've been up too long already, and I still have that orange yarn in the kitchen sink.  Have a wonderful week weaving!


Linda said...

Thank you for posting which scarf and mug rug you received. I was wondering who got what.

LA said...

I've got several great pictures of you and your warps I will send you by email. It was a productive day....and your smack in the middle of more projects!!!!

Tina J said...

You have a good variety of projects going. I think I need to have a couple of different things going too. I have the second scarf from the challenge to finish, and then? It has been and wil continue to be entirely too busy at my house lately! When it all calms down again I will be able to do some planning days.

Bonnie said...

Very busy lady with lots going on.

Theresa said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to see that pattern done from Davison's book. I too have eyed it often. What a fun dye day and wow, you all go so much done.
Will you be trying Bonnie Tarses Easy Ikat method?