Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a Difference.....

.....a week makes!  Last Saturday I was working on the old office I'm blogging with the racy red laptop.  (I think I actually type faster!!!!)  It arrived safely on Monday, and by late afternoon, I was surfin' my favorite blogs.  My SIL tweaked a few things, and ordered the new cord to hook it up to the big TV.  Now when the weavers are here, we can look at some of the blogs on the big screen rather than trying to crowd around the laptop.
  By the way, he was working on his THIRD inkle project Tuesday night!!!  (I told my daughter that she needs to start thinking about moving furniture around to accommodate a floor loom!!!  She was not amused!)  
  I have been so inspired by Maggie's turned overshot that I started playing with the miniature patterns I often use for mug rugs.  The light bulb has finally come on, and I'm ready to wind a warp for my first project.  I'll let you know how it goes!

My warp dyed scarf is going on Parker, the Wolf Pup.   I'd like to have it woven before next Saturday.  The Guild and the Tuesday Weavers will be getting together to do more warp dyeing!  I also need to wind another scarf warp for that!!!

Cici tried and tried to help me connect the treadles on the Glimakra.  I think she was afraid I'd never be able to get up off the floor.  (That cat has such an attitude!)  Here she is pointing out that I made a mistake when I connected the lamms to the shafts.  Oh well......

Last, but not least, the little men are slowly being put back in their boxes and taken down to the storage room.  I started on Twelfth Night, and I'm still at it.

   I'm a little worried that the weather may interfere with our planned party on Tuesday!  We got more snow last night, and they're calling for another round on Monday.  When did East Tennessee become the Arctic Circle???   I keep filling up the bird feeders...I'm so glad I bought more birdseed at the store on Thursday.  But, the anticipation over the scarf challenge and the mug rug/mug exchange is building!!!!  And, I can't wait to hear what our challenge will be for this year!
  OK....I'll get off the computer (this little racy red sweetie) and get back to my projects.  But, which one???
Happy Winter Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Nice lapatop. Glad it arrived in good shape. It is sad to see the wooden men going back into their boxes. It has to be. Glad the light went off for the turned overshot. Can't wait to see it. Yes, what an attitude cats can have.

Tina J said...

Too Cute! Can't wait to see how dyed warp will turn out! See you Tuesday!

Maggie said...

That's pretty sassy! I think we just all need to put our Big Girl panties on and brave the weather! I'm going to go weave, too!

Roxie said...

Don't you just love that post-holiday burst of inspiration?

And isn't that just like a cat? She watches you work, then waits till the mistake is finished and in place before she points it out. She couldn't have said something while you were in process?

Linda said...

I really like the red laptop!

I am looking forward to seeing that scarf when it is done!