Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SOUPer Tuesday!!!


  While some folks are getting ready for some event on Sunday, the Tuesday Weavers warmed up with Souper Tuesday today!!!!
  Yes....soup and sandwiches and dessert....could life be any better???

  I was too late to get a picture of Sharon's Chicken Pot Pie soup!  It went in a flash!

  We had a great variety of sandwiches.

The desserts were out of this world.

More desserts!

Still plenty left at the end of the day.  We were making bags of leftovers to take home....I don't think we'll have to make supper tonight!!!!


   Linda brought her new herd dog, Beau, by to meet the weavers.  Can you believe he is only 8 weeks old????  He's such a sweetie!

  It's all folded up, but this is our new 8 harness Ashford loom.  We got a great deal on this loom, and we thought that it might fit the bill for a weaver who doesn't have room, yet, for a floor loom.  The fact that it folds up and is lightweight is a big plus.

  Also, today was discussion day for Chapter 1 of Mary Black's, The New Key To Weaving.  Lots of great comments, especially about the terminology used in her book.  
  It's interesting to note her use of the term "primative" in referring to techniques and looms. 
  Polly noted that we had spent 40 minutes talking about a chapter that was 12 pages long.  Next month might get very interesting!!!!!

 Yes, we had some weaving and threading going on in the studio.  And, the discussions lasted long after we went back to our looms.

  Then, the BOSS said it was time to go!
It truly was a SUPER Tuesday!
Happy Weaving!