Friday, January 19, 2018

Snow Days

We had some more cold (for us) weather this week and we even got a few inches of snow!  The Center follows the schools snow day schedule so since the schools were closed, the Center was closed.   That meant that the weavers did not meet at the Center this week and I also did not have the usual babysitting gig Tuesday night.   Bonus day!   That meant that I could spend all day in my pjs, doing whatever I wanted!

So, I washed another fleece, Jacobs fleece #18,

 and finished a pair of socks, and worked on my taxes, and changed my sheets, and did some laundry and I did a small sample with some yarn that I had made while I was demonstrating at the Museum of Appalachia.

This was supposed to be sock yarn, but I could tell from looking at it that it was more like DK or even Worsted, and that would not work for the socks that I like to wear.  That is okay though, it will be marvelous for a hat I want to make.

I made this a 3ply yarn because I knew that I wanted to knit with it, for weaving I would do 2 ply, but the wool of this kind of sheep really poofs up when it is washed, so I think I will have to try spinning even finer if I want sock yarn!

This is the "LOL hat", a free pattern on Ravelry.  It has some rib and some cables, just right to show off the yarn.  I managed to get about half of the hat done, I may finish it tonight.

 When my daughter saw the yarn that I was using  she said that she would like a hat out of that yarn too!   I already have a second skein just like this one, so her wish will be easy to fulfill!

The snow is almost gone now, and the roads are pretty clear, in fact it is going to get all the way to 46 degrees this afternoon!  Yay!   Back to the normal life for us all!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I'm glad we had the chance to talk about those articles using the Jacob fleeces. There are so many projects just waiting to be woven!!!