Monday, January 22, 2018


It's Monday again! I'm in the studio all day and there are so many choices of what to do.
I put on a rug warp last week and just cut off 4 rugs that filled the cloth beam. I already chained a bunch more loopers but there's still this huge tub of loopers left. My goal is to weave every last one of them this week (or next)! Having the loopers out of my life will be good. It's kind of fun to chain them while watching a bit of TV but still, be glad when they're done!!
These four rugs need to be hemmed. There won't be fringe. Instead I wove about four inches at each end that I'll fold, pin carefully and then sew the hem.
I could tie on the rest of the warp and keep weaving. I do have a bunch of loopers chained already. Did that Saturday afternoon.
I've got 2 baby quilts already layered and pinned, ready to be machine quilted. Just sitting there, waiting.
I cut this one out Friday afternoon so I could sew the squares on Saturday. I've got the strips together, just have to iron and then assemble the strips before getting the back and batting ready to pin the layers.
Then there's the rest of the tub of Berenstain Bears fabric. The next ones will be more male oriented. I know I have to make 2 boy ones for babies due this spring. Then, since I already will have 2 extra girl quilts, I want 2 extra boy quilts. So, have to make 4 of them and I do like to have them all abit different.....
So there you have it. All the possible things for me to do today. Well, probably more like this week. Since we won't have snow tomorrow, we'll be back at the center. We'll see what kind of craziness we can get into there!
 For now, I am going to weave this morning and see if I can get a couple of rugs woven. I want to get this warp off the loom and maybe another one on later this week.  The cycle of weaving has begun....again....but with a bit of baby quilt making inbetween! 
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Hilary said...

so much to do, so little time. :)