Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Back Together!

  Gee Whiz!  We haven't been together for two weeks....there's so much to catch up on with our fellow weavers!  The kitchen island often becomes the gathering place for discussions and planning. 
  The vintage Lily looms got a check up today to see if they can be rehabed.   I'm not sure what the "experts" decided about them, although I did see a lot of pointing at the different parts.  We'll see.....

  Betsy went to work on the rugs that came off of the Studio rug loom.  She got the raw edges serged, and they will get hemmed next.  Pat set up in her usual place to weave on her table runners. 

  Meanwhile, Ray was busy twisting the fringes of the rugs that were not going to be hemmed.  Helen is working on her second warp here in the Studio...soon she'll be putting on her first warp at home!!!  Helen has acquired a Leclerc loom from another weaver!  Fun, fun, fun!!!


  It's time to change it up a little!  Tina decided to rethread the towel warp to a turned twill threading.   I'm sure she'll be up and running by next week.

  Liz is going to have that towel warp finished before too long!!!!  
  Betsy is in the process of threading the painted placemat warp. 

  The Ladies are at different points in their process.....Shirley is weaving on the scarf warp while Bonnie is getting ready to wind on the black bamboo scarf warp.
  Ms. Ila is through threading and ready to start weaving her first shawl on the painted warp. 
  (Pictures next week!)

  The first thing I noticed was that Alyce's sweater matches Joan's warp!!!!  (Love that purple!!!)  Frieda is getting her new warp ready to weave, too.
  Anna is headed out the door....I wonder if she's going to put on a warp with her new reed???

  Thank you, Sharon!  Being our librarian means you're always busy!!!  But, we had plenty of copies of Mary Black's book for check-out!  (And, a bunch of people have already read the first chapter for our discussion next week!)  We also had some new books for Sharon to add to our library.

And, thank you, Polly!  That banana bread was fantastic!!!

Hopefully we won't have anymore snow days that keep us from our Tuesday weaving!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Thanks LouAnn for the posts you do every Tuesday to document what we are working on. When I am looking to put a date to a project or event, these posts are invaluable!

Theresa said...

Yes, LouAnn thank yu. I do love reading them Weds. mornings. I's always inspiring!
Really, you guys need to get a book together of favorite drafts and recipes for sale. I'd buy one! :-)