Thursday, January 25, 2018

Semi-Throw Back Thursday

  At the November Foothills sale, I had two overshot hot pads that sold on the first day!  I wove the pieces a couple of years ago:  Star of Bethlehem using red for the pattern weft.  I finished them up in time for the sale.  I had decided to make more for this year's sale, but I will weave the panels side by side--less chance of having one slightly longer than the other!!!!
  I'm starting to have a wee bit of indecision set in...I thought I would just go with my stand-by:  cat tracks/snail trail.  But, I was looking through Davison's book and came across King's Flower.  Oh, yes!  I know that one....I wove six placemats and two runners using that pattern back in 2006.


  There are three different treadlings for this threading.  That would give some variety of pattern as well as color.  With the cat tracks/snail trail I would only have different colors.  But, I can treadle that pattern in my sleep!!!  Oh, my!  I need to do the math and see how King's Flower will fit with the warp that is already on the loom.  That might be the deal breaker!

  Whenever I sit down to do the math, I get interrupted!  These two have been very needy lately.  Is it the cold weather???
  You should know that right after I got this picture Biscuit smacked Sweetie on the nose!  Can't we all just get along?????

  I would like to get some items woven this winter so I won't be in a panic in October.  Plus, who knows what wild ideas I'll get before then!!!

Happy Weaving!




Maggie said...

King's flower is fun! But then, I think all overshot is fun! Biscuit and Sweetie! So cute!

Theresa said...

I need to put some overshot on my list of to-do's for this summer's weaving. Placemats sound good or a lovely table runner/dresser scarf. Such pretty kitties!