Monday, January 29, 2018

Heading North

Two more baby quilts done, checked off the list.
This one is heading north to Michigan for a baby girl born two weeks ago. I found a Berenstain Bear book to send along with it. Hopefully the book will be a good start to a library she will love. I truly believe that books are incredibly important for a child's upbringing. Reading to a young child is so much more than the story. It's the cuddling and spending undivided attention that help a child feel secure. Encouraging their thinking and imagination doesn't hurt either!
Lots of pink, this one's definitely for a girl. I hope to get it to them by the weekend.
Now that I've got all the girl quilts done for the babies that I know of, this quilt is to have on hand for when I hear of one that needs a blanket. It's just as cheerful as the rest.
I do have one more girl quilt pinned, ready to quilt. Haven't started on the boy quilts but there's lots of fabric to choose from so they should be fun quilts.

I am weaving. I finished a short warp of 7 rugs and have another one half done but haven't serged the rugs apart or hemmed them yet. I have 3 rugs left on the second warp. So far I've been using up the loopers. One more rug of loopers and then I have to figure out what to weave with for the last 2 rugs.

So I'm heading back to the studio. We'll see how much I can get done this week! Life's busy but finding time to weave each week is wonderful!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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LA said...

That's one lucky little girl! Story time is a very important part of childhood.