Friday, January 12, 2018

All About Space

I have a problem.......

 As many of you know if you have read some of my previous posts, I bought 51 Jacobs fleeces last fall.  It was a big pile of fleeces, but what I hadn't planned on is that a clean fleece is twice the size of a dirty fleece.

Luckily I have used 4 of the big fleeces in some fleece rugs for the fall shows.  One rug sold and one rug I sent to the Shepherd, and then LouAnn took 2 of the lamb fleeces.

I began doing a little research on how to handle this problem.  I looked at "Space Bags" and other brands of vacuum bag type products, and I calculated the cost and found it prohibitive, for my situation.  Then I found something that I thought was the answer, it was a product called "BagButton", a reusable button that you use with a good quality garbage bag and your vacuum cleaner.  I ordered it immediately, and was dismayed to get an immediate refund because they were out of stock.  I then thought for a minute and realized that if I put some netting on the wand of my vacuum cleaner I might be able to get the same results.

I picked out a fairly good sized fleece, this is a kitchen sized garbage bag.  I divided this fleece between 2 clear Kirkland bags of the same size.  I put the netting on the wand and a rubber band on the bag.  I placed the wand into the bag and started the vacuum cleaner.

It worked!

Here is that same fleece, half the size as before.

There are 5 fleeces in these 2 tubs, I am hoping that the tubs will protect the bags a little bit.  I think I will be buying the Kirkland 33 gallon bags in the near future, I believe that the plastic on that size is a little thicker and that I would be able to get one of the bigger fleeces in one bag and not have to split it between 2.

There will still be a lot of fleeces at the house, but this storage idea has me looking at all my other fiber stash.  I think that I will be able to consolidate so much that there may be room for these new fleeces on the shelves after all!

Until next week, what is your favorite storage solution?


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LA said...

I'm so glad you got your "vacuum bags" worked out. I'll have to remember that quick tip!