Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Warps

  This is NOT a green warp!!!!  I think Frieda is really happy about her new warp....I'm looking forward to seeing what wonderful designs she uses for her new scarves.

Looks like another colorful shawl warp going on Ms. Ila's loom. 
  But....what is Bonnie doing???

  Uh-oh!  The heddle bar "popped" off and you know what that means!!!!  Bonnie came to the rescue and slid those heddles back where they belonged!

  Linda brought her rigid heddle to work on a wool scarf while Joan is working on her warp.

  Helen is using two colors on her warp.  It's so much fun playing with colors when you weave!

  It's the end of the road for Ray's rug warp.  He rolled off the rugs this afternoon....we'll serge the edges next week and get them hemmed.  He's planning on weaving double width next on this loom.

  Wanna bet that Anna and Tina are talking about spinning????  I didn't eavesdrop, but that would be my guess.  It's all fiber....right?

  Betsy's warp will be placemats and table runners.  Another bright, cheerful warp!

Before he could finish his latest rug, Carl needed to cut more blue jean strips.  Just keep it moving!!!!

  The Tuesday Weavers have started a study group using Mary Black's New Key To Weaving.  We will be taking a chapter a month and then meet together to talk about any questions or observations.  No skipping chapters!!!!  Yes, the first chapter is about Looms, and you'd think we already know about that.  But, who knows.....we might just find out something new we didn't know!  No pressure....just trying to expand our knowledge!
  We have several copies of this book in our library for check-out, so everyone can join us on our journey if they wish.
  New warps and new ideas.....how fun!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I got home and discovered that my copy is "Key to Weaving" and not "New", I may pick up a copy of the newer version.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful warped start to 2018! I might have to dust off my copy of The New Key to Weaving and follow along.