Thursday, January 11, 2018

Real Life

    It's back to reality here on the Ridge.  I had lots of fun playing during the "tween weeks" and it's time to knuckle down and get some work done.  End of the year reports and tax forms await my attention.  I always feel like I have a close relationship with Excel!!!
  I've been using my new purse, and after the second week, I can report that I need to take up the handle another few inches.  Also, I've decided that it's too big.....I don't really need ALL this space!  (If you're not careful, you will keep putting stuff in your purse and it will weigh a TON!!!!)  I'm going to go for jean purse 2.0 when I get the chance.  (I've got some ideas cooking on the back burner!)

  I did get another apron cut out this week.  I have found that I really like wearing them around the house.    Having that big pocket handy helps to prevent me from getting side-tracked:  the item in question just gets tucked away until I'm through in that room.
  I got used to wearing them at the Museum, and I can see why women have been wearing them for eons!  They are not just for cooking!!!!
  (I really want to make a "sewing/weaving" apron with pockets for miscellaneous  tools!)

  One last little project:  my pin cushion  and clip basket.  The pin cushion is a tomato sauce can with a wool filled sleeve glued to the metal.  I like having it right by the sewing machine/serger to handle the pins as they come out.  I keep the seam ripper and scissors handy there, also.  I needed a liner for the chip basket because the clips kept falling out--and I need it beside the machines, too!

  I had some feedback about my cup cuffs that I gave for Christmas:  it seems that my SIL is using his at school each day.  One of his students was amazed that it was woven by his mother-in-law!  Do I have more?????   Not right now!

We're in for another round of winter weather tomorrow night....maybe I can get ahead of the book work and get some fiber time.....fingers crossed!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I love the pin cushion idea, and I will probably use that soon.