Monday, January 8, 2018

Icy Morning

I'm supposed to be at the center in Norris right now taking a much anticipated class on kumihimo. There are about 10 of us that are home instead, now having  to wait until March for the class. What are the odds of that being a snow day as well? We'll see!
It was such an iffy date. All week they've talked about freezing rain this morning. It's been very cold (for us) but no precipitation that hit the east coast. 
However, this morning the predictions got a bit more serious and class was postponed. I'm glad because there are a ton of wrecks out there. My car is covered with a thin layer of ice. I'm not going off my hill til it thaws, hopefully this afternoon.
So instead of posting pictures of the class, here's one of the projects I've been working on.
A few years ago I got very excited when a new line of fabrics came out. It was the Berenstain Bears. I remember reading the books to my daughter a lot!! My nieces all had the books, too. They're wonderful. Small books full of teachable moments. We still have them upstairs somewhere!
So when the fabric came out, I went a little nuts. I bought all the colors I could. Then when a sale hit, got some more. There will be several baby blankets out of this series. But, first I promised DD a throw using the fabrics.
I haven't woven since late November. Instead, I've been sewing. All my UFOs are complete so I could pull out "the" tub!! The throw is about 50 x 70. I took it to the center last Wednesday and pinned the layers together. The center quilters were there working on their quilt. The comment was that it was certainly bright. OK. I like that. It's the kind of quilts I do like to make.
I finished quilting it and took it up to the living room to finish tacking the binding. Once done, I folded it and just put it temporarily on a stool. Meg likes it!
This is the front of it. It's 5 squares by 7 squares. A print alternating with a 25 patch square. I found a jelly roll of 2 1/2 inch strips in the tub and that formed the core of the patchy squares..
A close up look. There were several big print fabrics that were released and I cut them into big squares to compliment the small squares.
A quilt like this needs a cheerful back. So I obliged. It's like you're in the books. I do love this print line!
See what I mean?
Tomorrow is DD's birthday. This will be her surprise gift. It'll look great in her living room.
I already have one baby quilt top done and am working on another one. I'm hoping to take both of them to the center tomorrow and pin the layers for quilting. One is already spoken for and the other is probably going to be shipped to Canada for a baby due this spring. Then I hope to get several more made to get ahead of the game.
Might get back to weaving later this week. It's going to be nice and warm so the studio will be more comfortable. We were down to 8 degrees recently for the low and the hot water pipe in the  kitchen froze but 2 days later we went above freezing for 2 hours and it opened up. It's been dripping since. No need once it gets above freezing. Later this week it's going to be in the 60s!!! Welcome to East Tennessee!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

She will really enjoy her quilt! (Remember when Papa went to cut down the Christmas tree and it was the home of a big eagle?)

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

I love this quilt....thanks for sharing...