Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Afternoon

  When I posted last week, I thought my new fridge would be delivered on Monday, and that was OK.  But, on Friday morning, I got a call from the service center...they couldn't deliver the fridge until the following Wednesday (that would have been yesterday!!!)  Needless to say, I canceled that order and went to a local appliance store:  they could deliver the same fridge on Saturday morning!!!  Now....why didn't I go to them in the first place???  I will in the future!
  So, after my new fridge was in place, and humming soft, cooling sounds, we took off for Maggie's to load up some looms.  She had been missing "Tootsie" and "Jenny" at her new digs down in Brasstown.

  Even the TV caught a ride down!  They were supposed to hook up her cable on Tuesday, so she'll be ready for some Netflix by now!!!  I understand she's catching up on Grey's Anatomy. 
  Thank goodness Maggie had some burly boys lined up to take the looms upstairs to the loft!!!  Three middle aged ladies did their best just to get them IN and OUT of the car!!!!

  Although it wasn't my intention, we came back through Ocoee on the way home.  I had never seen so many folks on a river in my life....and the rapids are beautiful!   This is the same stretch of river they used for the 1996 Summer Olympics. 

  The left over weft from last year's placemats is weaving up very nicely for this tote bag.  I'm almost ready to throw the handles....but my mop cord is the wrong color!!!!  Happily, I have plenty of that fabric left, so I'm making cloth cords to weave into the warp.  They will braid like a charm!!!

  And, when I need to walk away from the loom, I've got these fringes to twist on the blue jean rug!  I'm trading the rug for a stack of blue jeans from my brother in law.  Seems like a good deal to me!!!

  *****Just a note for Theresa to answer her question about the Center.  The Appalachia Arts Craft Center is a cooperative.  Most of us came to learn to weave, and we just haven't left yet.  For every four items we weave at the Center, we can keep one....or, just keep track of  our "credit" if we want to use it.  All of our items from the weaving studio go upstairs, which supports the weaving program.
  For the two fall sales, the weavers can bring the items they weave at home to sell.  We give a percentage of our sale to the Weaving Department.  Plus, it makes for a really nice variety of items for sale in our booth.
  It looks like we have gotten a little break in our heat wave, and it's even raining gently outside.  Yeah!!!!   No excuses.... I need to get those fringes twisted!!!
Happy Weaving!!!


Tina J said...

Oh yay, Maggie is getting settled in nicely! What about posting a tour one Wednesday or Saturday of your new place?!! I thought about you guys all weekend, I am glad it went well.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a perfect system LouAnn! Everyone benefits. What a beautiful river.
We'e in throes of our first real heat wave. Triple digits in the valley and 90's up in the mountains. Cool down on its way though...I hope.