Monday, July 25, 2016

Did It Again!

I did it again! Almost forgot to post today. I got home last night from Asheville, unloaded and basically crashed! After Nashville and that convention, doing a 4 day show was exhausting. I'm a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and do the 2 shows each year. Being a member since 1985, that's a bunch.
This morning I needed to get an oil change, run some errands and come home to finish the last bit of paperwork.
So I forgot to post until now. At least it's not as late as last week!
I took pictures to give you an idea of what I do.
These tops are cotton and, since I prewash everything, I know they will wash well.
I've been playing with bamboo, dyeing the yarns and then weaving vests, and now, pullovers.. The pullovers are supposed to be big, sloppy, great to relax in items.
On the right is a purple painted bamboo pullover. In the middle a cotton jacket and on the left, my newest project. We got a yarn that is a cotton/ rayon blend. The rayon gives it a bit of a sheen. I've been using bamboo for warp and the new yarn for weft in jackets. They're heavier. It's a good blend for our winters down here and would be great to layer under.
More jackets to tempt.
Coming up the aisle these jackets speak of fall which will be here in a bit!
Most of these are jackets I wove with the new painted yarn. You can see that it's a heavier yarn.
Vests. Lots of cotton vests.
I took the pictures as we opened on Thursday. Thankfully, the booth looked different by the end of the show!
So what's up for this week? It's time for my annual trip north. I'm shifting gears again and gathering things to take with me as I drive north to visit family.
Hopefully I'll remember to post next week! Someone remind me!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

By "different" I hope you mean emptier! That's always good for a vendor!!!

Tina J said...

The hand dyed warps really give the place a different feel, hope you had a good show!

Theresa said...

Wow, so very pretty and how prolific a weaver you are. Enjoy your trip up north, stay safe.