Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Pat has been busy at home weaving up lots of leftover thread.  Here is her newest batch of placemats--she has a lot of fun with color and texture.

  Carl finished up another rug, and got his spacers in place (this will be the fringes for the rugs.)  Marie was able to sort through all the odds and ends that had ended up under Carl's loom.  It sure makes getting around that area a lot safer!

Would you believe that the treadle pin worked loose on Jocelyn's loom?  Oh, yes!!!!   She discovered it about 3 inches later....needless to say, she unwove that part and got it working like a charm!!!  Those will be great waffle weave towels!

   Bonnie has really enjoyed changing the treadling on her scarf warp.  As soon as she finishes the hemstitching on this scarf, she'll leave room for the fringes, and then start the next scarf.

  Lanny got some more woven on that luscious wool/silk scarf!

   Towels????  Yes, towels!  All this time I thought this was a shawl on Ms. Ila's loom!!!  This is one of the dyed warps from Dye Day.

Irene is working on a scarf for the Fall sales.   Another great way to use up some of our novelty yarn.

  Hannah is almost finished with her first warp.  Next week she'll get to wind a new warp for a new project.  Wonder what she'd like to weave????

  Placemats are always needed upstairs and for the sales.  Linda is making a bunch in this colorway.

  Betsy has finished the threading....now to sleying the reed.

  Christy had her wee Inkle loom at the Center today.  She is always trying something new!
  Anna is starting to join her squares from the pin loom.


Take a look at Bonnie's wool rug!!!  She took the felted rug class at the Center and had a blast felting the wool in a kiddie pool with her feet!!!  Now, she needs to get her own pool to use at home!

  Linda brought her Cricket today.  She's got another scarf warp going!

We have so many projects going on in the Studio...and we're always thinking about the projects we want to do at home!

  Safe travels to Carol as she heads up north.

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

So many wonderful projects! Now do the projects woven at the center have to be for sale at the center? How does that work, because it seems to work beautifully!