Monday, July 4, 2016


It's getting busier here every day. This time of year gets chaotic for me but I found time for one more warp. I didn't want to weave one that would take too much time so I ignored the ones planned on my list and looked at my extra weft yarns. I pulled out 6 colors for the warp: pink, yellow, sea foam green, purple, wisteria and orange. I chose softer colors than I normally  would. I wound for 4 vests. Just using one strand of each color and threading them randomly through the heddles, I tied it onto the front beam.
Each vest is a different color.
The pink is brighter than the warp but picks up the orange and yellow nicely.
The blue kind of pops up with the yellow weft.
Sea foam green is this weft.
And purple. Each of these is different from my normal combinations but I wanted something a bit more subdued than normal. They will look good once I find the right button for each vest and get them done. They're still on the loom waiting to be cut off.
I did have some company while I worked. I got up for a second and Belle decided she really liked the cushion I sit on to weave. She wasn't thrilled about moving either!
It was harder to get a picture of Meg.
Then Belle jumped up.
The kittens have the run of the house now when we're home. When we leave we still take them up to our room. They don't mind it a bit. I suspect they  sleep because our home is fairly large with the basement, etc and lots of things to sniff. Plus when I go upstairs there's a good chance I'll play with the laser light that they love to chase down the hall for a minute before I close the door. It's so cute. I head to the stairs and at least one of them comes flying up in front of me. 
I am having to put my pins into containers that I close when I'm not working because at least one of them has been known to carry my pincushion up the stairs and down the hall before deciding it was too heavy. It's not the lightest either. I think I'll put spools of thread by my sewing machine into one as least til they lose interest in them. How long do you think that'll take? They're a year old now....such fun cats!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

That fabric will be a great addition to your booth, as always the kitties stole the show!

erin said...

Heehee! I see that "slub". Too funny. All that yarn / thread lying about and they pick the pincushion. Cats are a puzzlement.