Friday, July 29, 2016

New Pattern Color

It has been a busy week here in the studio.  I am on a mission to clear off looms  that have had projects languishing for way too long.  Last week you saw a deepest darkest skein of yarn being put to good use, and this week I have a shot of the second blanket in progress.

I saw last week as I was weaving that the pattern weft was happily placed on the contrasting color of tabby weft.  I also saw as the blanket progressed that it was not going to be the same on the second blanket, and I was going to have to choose a different pattern color.  I wanted to use red, but I have had a few projects ruined by using red 8/4 cotton, it is notorious for sharing it's lovely color with surrounding threads.

I went looking in my basket of filled bobbins from other 8/4 projects and I came across a color that I thought might work.  There were 2 full bobbins and I made sure I had enough on a partial cone to finish the job if I needed more.  It might shock you...........

Are you ready?..............


I bet you weren't expecting that!  I think it is going to work.  Even if it spills over into the redder portions of the ground weave on the final pattern portion,  it will be in that purply part that inspired my choice.

I would have finished the blanket this week, except that I was suddenly inspired to rethread the breadcloth warp that has been in time out way too long.  The poor dear has been on 2 looms, it has been rethreaded more times than I can count, and then it was abandoned,  I was sure that I would never get back to it again.  I admit to the fact that I was just so close to cutting it off, but I didn't.    

I wove the first one without using a temple, and it was a mistake, the edges were not good, in fact they were really bad.  I dug out my temple to weave the next one and I was reminded of how much better these fine threads do when I take the time to do what they require.

In the end, I had to cut off the last breadcloth before it was finished, there were tension issues once again, and I had had enough!  I love these breadcloths and they do sell really well at the fall shows, but I think I am ready to move on to another project.  

I have tub after tub of some really really fine cotton threads in amazing colors,  I also have some really fine linen thread.  Right now, I am doing some research to find out what I can do with them, maybe even combine them some way.  I doubt it will be a quick project, most of these threads should be sett at 30 EPI, looks like I will be pulling out those 15 dent reeds after all!

Until next time, Keep on Crafting, Tina

Edited to add,  

The purple did not work with the red so I am alternating colors on the patterned parts.

Edited again, yes I see the stupid error, do you.  It is already unwoven and rewoven, again!

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LA said...

I wondered what happened to my first comment!!! I'm glad to see you are having fun with your Monk's Belt! Sorry about the tension issues on the bread cloth warp. I'm sure you'll find a solution.