Monday, July 18, 2016

I Almost Forgot!

So it's been a hectic few weeks!! More hectic than normal!!
This time of year always is. DH is president of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society. I stay out of it as much as possible but not this time of year. We got back last night from our 32nd annual convention in Nashville. Yup, been to all of them. Have been in charge of registration for most of them. I mean, really, I can't listen to music for 4 days from 9am til midnight or later. We have 2 stages, 2 workshop rooms and 3 vendor areas plus there's music everywhere! So I volunteered to help and it's fun. I see a lot of people and it's fun to meet them each year. The attendees become old friends by the time they come the second year and newbies are "mentored" as they figure out who they want to listen to and where to go.
I always wonder about what to post. You can't really post what it's like. You have to come. Linda came a couple of times with her DH so you could ask her. But it's impossible with just pictures.
It was a dilemma for me until DH told me who he'd picked to play Scottie Moore's guitar. Scottie played with Elvis in the glory days of the 50s. His guitar is made available to us for someone special to play Saturday evening at our finale concert. DH and a few others look around during all 4 days of the convention to pick a young special person to play Scottie's guitar.
This year he couldn't make up his mind so, instead he picked 3 girls! Yes, 3 girls!!
They don't find out until Saturday afternoon that they're up! Not enough time to get nervous.
Here's Bella from Colorado, first one to play. 
Katelyn was next. She's from Florida.  Notice how excited they all were!
Then it was Emma's turn. She's from Texas. These girls were so supportive of each other. We're finding that the young players are helping each other, kind of like our Tuesday weavers.
What fun they had. You know there were tears in some parents' eyes.
It's hard to see but the lady in front with the blur on her hand is using a sheet of paper from my legal pad as a fan. Billie Rose was hot and I was helpful since I had a legal pad in my bag. Billie Rose was Chet's sister. She's a real hoot! She's become our matriarch. I told her that earlier this week and she had a good laugh but she is.
Meagan is playing guitar as she has for years. She's Billie Rose's granddaughter, Chet's great niece. She coming into her own as a player, following in her great uncle's footsteps. That's her daughter Whitney singing with her at the show. She's going to be a musical person as well. She has no fear! 
There were a lot of guys that played but I wanted to focus on the good women players!!
I almost forgot to post but I'm glad I didn't.
Now if I could just find my phone and iPad chargers, I'd be good. Phone's dead and iPad is close! I put it in a box. We have several boxes to go through yet. Here's hoping!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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