Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Can't.......

I can't......

-show you this fantastic warp or the pattern I'm going to weave just yet.  We're in count down mode now....the Fleece to Scarf competition is just two days away!
  I do need to make a list (so I don't forget anything) of all the tools I might need while I weave this lovely scarf.  I woke up last night in a panic because I dreamed I broke a warp thread!!!  That's just a reminder to pack T-pins, yarn needle and extra warp!!!  It's good to be prepared, don't you think?

I can't...............
-show you the poster I'm working on for our team, either!  Needless to say, I'm having some fun with this!!!

I CAN show you my newest project. 
  This is great-grandmother's barn loom.  I had the kids move her upstairs to the living room....she's been hidden away way too long.  Years ago, I bought some Leclerc harnesses for her, but, now that she's up with the living, I've decided to tie linen heddles for her.  That's what she would have had back in the day.  So, out comes the jig, and some Murphy's oil soap to do a little cleaning.

Also, I can tell you that I won some ribbons at the fair, according to Linda.  (I haven't been by, yet!)  The rug I entered earned a red ribbon, and the hot pad (woven in double binding) won a blue ribbon.  I don't know about the placemat or scarf, yet.  I'll post pictures next week. 
  I guess that means that next Thursday will be all about the Anderson County Fair!!!!
Have a grand weekend!
Happy Weaving!!!


Theresa said...

Well, I do recognize that sweet little loom you're going to use. I guess we're going to have to wait until you can reveal all.
Congrats on the ribbons and happy weaving to you too!

Linda said...

Congratulations! I wish I had known you had entered more things. I would have looked for them. There was so much to see in that building.

Tina J said...

I'm ticking off my list too!