Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just What We Needed!

A day of good, soaking rain.....just exactly what we needed!  It rained off and on most of the morning here in Norris.

  Inside, we were excited to welcome our newest weaver, Hannah.  She comes to us from the University of Tennessee Print Shop.  We also need to thank Elysia, who wove with us last year, for recommending her to our Studio.
  As you can see, she's off and running with her first warp.

  It was busy in the Studio this morning!  Marie was checking off inventory that sold upstairs (we had great sales in June!!!)  Connie's hubby and Polly were busy rehabbing one of the old table looms.  They really need some TLC!
  Anna is working on her pin loom squares that will get joined to make a scarf.  You can see Hannah in the upper right working at her loom!  And, that's Connie working on her blue warp.  Christy had her wee Inkle loom that was loaded with cards from her class.  The design was amazing.
  Lanny worked on his scarf this morning, and then discovered that his black and white cones of Jagger Spun are missing!  I'm sure someone put them somewhere "safe."  (Oh, my!!!!)

Frieda was having difficulty with the warp advancing on her loom.  Since Linda has a lot of experience with table looms, she came over to check out the situation.  Sure enough, they found out what was going on!  Just take a look at all the scarves on the cloth beam!!!!

  Barb got to work on her scarf warp, too.  She's got a big trip planned at the end of the month--we'll love seeing the pictures when she gets back!

  If you look carefully, you can see Roz and Harriet just weaving away...............

Oh, those Ladies!  As soon as they saw me with the camera, they got so busy!!!! 
  And, would you believe that Bonnie is still getting loads of squash and zucchini out of her garden????

  Darlene was busy winding a new warp...I didn't get a chance to ask what this will be.


These Ladies were really hard at work.  Karin's towels are coming right along.  They will be great for our Fall sales.
  Tina made a bunch of pirns to wind her weft on, and she was off and running on her towels.
  Tina posted a great picture of Linda's placemats on the black warp last week.  They look fantastic!

  Betsy is threading.....we all know what that is like!  You just stay with it until it's done!

  Carl and I got more joined blue jeans cut into strips this morning...then he was off to his loom to start weaving!  He's winding a warp at home, too.  Busy man!!!!

  A day with the Tuesday Weavers was just what I needed!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Send some of that rain along here! And some of those lovely scarves in the making too. :-)

Tina J said...

This week we all seemed pretty industrious!