Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lots to Discuss

  There's always a discussion going on....that you can depend on!!!

  There was a lot of discussion going on about the pattern to use for the next scarf.  That's the great thing about weaving....there are usually several different ways to treadle any given threading.

  Karin and Marie are determined to straighten up the tubs of fiber and fabric.  Discussing where to put them leads to some creative solutions.

  And, sometimes, there's just time to discuss what's going on with each other!

  Margi's team of masterminds have been having lots of fun with their weaving collages.  They have been sharing tips and techniques with each other.

  No discussion needed.....the warp just needs to be advanced!!!!

  Pat and Anna got a chance to look at some of the thread choices on the shelf. 

  No discussion needed....Christy really liked this decorator fabric that came in this morning. 

    Tina brought her portable charkha today....she's been spinning some cotton at home.  There were a bunch of folks that enjoyed that demonstration!

Weavers have plenty to discuss, that's for sure!!!!

Happy Weaving!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

You've peaked my interest...weaving collages! As always a weekly anticipated treat.
Ca't wait to see the rug run done. And OH MY! What yarns for selection. How does anyone finally decide with so many choices?