Monday, November 2, 2015

Quite the Week!

A week of color is what I had!! Last Sunday afternoon and then Monday, I spent at the center dyeing warps and skeins. Christy came with her projects as well so we had a nice time painting with our brushes. A lot of time this week I spent rinsing. You rinse, drain, fill, rinse....and every so often I'd put it into my centrifuge or laundry spinner I got from The Laundry Alternatives. They don't make the brand I have anymore but they have some nice options. I guess if I did a lot of dyeing, I'd buy an old washing machine to use to spin out the water, but for my purposes, this works fine. Every few hours I'd go check, drain and assess each skein and warp. They're about dry now but I'll let them hang awhile longer.
A bright spot in my week was on Friday when I headed back to the center to pick up Christy, Harriet and Sharon. We drove to Asheville to attend SAFF. Just the vendors. This isn't all of them. There were others in another building....but see what I mean....guess I should have taken a picture but, honestly, I forgot. Just imagine all the booths filled with colorful yarns, a candy store for fiber people. 
What saved me is that I choose not to spin, knit, weave much with wool or felt a lot! I still found good things to being home with me. 
Next year: caravan of several cars filled with us. You need to have space to bring home goodies. I saw a picture on facebook this morning of someone who had to rent a Uhaul to bring all her goodies home. I'll bet she bought that cherry baby wolf at The Woolery. What's your guess!

It's still nice here in East Tennessee but frost is coming. Every year it's a mad dash in the dark to haul the plants in before the frost that night. So this year we decided to change that. We brought them in yesterday. Our greenhouse isn't big so there were plants that got left but we got all 4 monster ferns In plus the 3 smaller monster ferns. Plus the 2 hanging ferns and 4 or 5 ferns that we tucked here and there. A couple of tall hibiscus came in, too. We have cactuses and the pine that stay inside so it's plush looking in there now. My job this winter is to water all of them and keep them alive. Once outside in spring, they will do great.
It's hard to take pictures of the greenhouse from the doorway. 
This week I have to weave as much as possible for the next show.
Last week was a lot of fun. Now it's getting serious! Here's hoping I'll get it done!
Til next week, keep weaving!

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Theresa said...

Lucky you! Sounds like a wonderful side trip. And I can imagine the wonderful color and assortment. :-)