Monday, November 9, 2015

Getting Close

We're getting close! Just over a week until we set up for out show in Knoxville. Tuesday Weavers are finishing up projects at home to fill the shelves of the booth. My booth will be right next to theirs. I have to fill mine, too. So, I'm busy weaving as well.
I love to have a mixed warp and then weave with a variegated yarn.  It was a long warp but it's done now and I'm doing all the finishing.
Next up....those painted warps.
The warp is shades of black.  The first piece is warp and weft, shades of black.
The second, I added eggplant to the selection of dye to choose from in painting the warp. I do like how it came out.
There's more on the loom, more to go on the loom yet this week. It's crunch time in the studio. 
Outside it's a very dreary rainy day. Perfect for weaving. It's also chilly out there so weaving will keep us warm! 
Heading down to the studio right now!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


LA said...

Oh my, Lady!!! You sure are working right down to the wire! Can't wait to see the finished items with this warp.

erin said...

Very elegant results, Carol!

Tina J said...

The eggplant in that last one is fabulous!