Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Begin Again

  And, another one is in the books...

  We did OK....not great, but OK.  A lot of those ornaments that we made at the 11th hour did not come back with us....SOLD!

  All of those placemats that we wove....most of them came back with us.  But, the shelves sure did look GREAT!  There's always next year!

  Today we got all the show equipment tucked away, and Marie checked-in the inventory from upstairs.  We have a missing scarf that Harriet wove, and I hope it's tucked away in one of the weavers' stash.  We'll keep looking.

So, we're back to doing what we do best:  weaving!!!!

  Carol serged the edges on the placemats that Lanny took off of his loom.  The twelve that he wove are going home with him!  The placemats in the picture were woven by one of our other weavers....they will get hemmed and taken upstairs.

  Carol was also busy with Connie, one of our new weavers.  She's ready to start weaving on her first warp. 
  Casey finished her first one, and was starting on her new warp.  Busy, busy, busy!!!!

  Linda took Irene in the Potter's studio (no one was working in there today) to stretch out the warp for this vintage rigid heddle loom. 

  The Ladies got right back to work on their warps.  Shirley is checking the treadling order for her newest scarf.

 And, right across from the Ladies, Frieda and Sharon were weaving on their scarves.

  We got the news that Betsy took a tumble and will be out for awhile....so, Sharon decided this will be a good time to weave some rugs on that loom.  She and Linda looked over the yarn on the shelf to see what they could use.

  Carl just kept on weaving....

And, Jocelyn was busy at her loom, too. 
  She is wearing her newest scarf that she wove:  a six shaft snowflake design!!!  Isn't it lovely!!!!

  And, here's the Birthday Girl!  Happy Birthday, Sharon! 
(Just don't ask her how old she is......)

Now we'll get ready for the holidays, and set our goals for next year.....only eleven months until the first show!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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