Thursday, October 29, 2015


  Where did my Thursday go???

  It just hit me that I hadn't blogged yet, and I almost decided to just let it go.  Instead, I'm posting this picture I took Monday morning at the Museum of Appalachia.  You can see the smoke coming from the chimney of the Peter's Homestead cabin--too bad I wouldn't get to enjoy it! 
  I was in the Loom House all morning (you can barely see it at the far right under the cedar tree.)  But, I was able to re-tie the warp and weave one and a half placemats while the students popped in and out.  I finished weaving the rest of the foursome on Wednesday!  That means I will get to sit by the fire when I go next week!  I'll take my Inkle loom and work on that.
  Around the house I'm finishing up projects to take to Foothills....more on that next week.

Happy Weaving!  (and finishing!)

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Theresa said...

The perfect catch up post. Must have been a wee bit chilly in that loom cabin.