Thursday, November 12, 2015

It Could Happen To Me

  It has happened to me!  There have been lots of times when I have been weaving overshot and lost my place....I guess that's one reason why I'm so proficient at unweaving!!!  So, you can imagine how easy it would be to make a mistake when you are weaving at the Studio with all the excitement in the air!

  This throw was woven in the Studio recently and it was brought down from the shop because one of the corners had gotten some dirt on it.  Carol needed someone to take it home for a good spa treatment, and I volunteered.  It was when I started giving it a good steam press that I kept thinking that something just wasn't right.  That's when I noticed the wider stripes.....Oh NO!!!!
  Stuff happens...but, it does make me more aware of checking my items before they go to the sales.  I have placemats that are ready to be hemmed, and two shawls that need an eagle eye to check them out.  This has been a reminder to check carefully.  I wouldn't want a customer to get home and see a mistake in my work.
  So, I'm getting back to the items I need to finish.

Happy Weaving (and checking!!!)



Theresa said...

Oh heck, it's still lovely and well woven. It just has a unique design feature that in no way affects it's beauty and usability.

Tina J said...

That is a lovely steam press! We will see if we can fix the coverlet, sometimes we can and sometimes we can't.

Roxie Matthews said...

If you want machine-like precision, get something woven by a machine. I cherish the blips and oops's because it tells me a real, ordinary human being was involved. And if I'm going to spend the money for hand-woven, I want to be sure that's what I get.