Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We're Ready!

  Once again, Marie spent the morning on her computer, getting the items for the Foothills Fine Arts Show logged in to the database.  Dish towels, scarves, mug rugs and a bunch of other items were quickly read off by Tina.  Jocelyn then carefully stored them in a tub to take to the show.

  Meanwhile, Margi and Frieda and several others put the finishing touches on hair bows, pins and ornaments.  These, too, will be going to the show.

  Shirley and Bonnie quickly got the mug rug warp on the Pup....we always weave at the show!    Carol figured out a mini Ellen's pattern to use with the mug rugs!  (It is based on  Tutti-Fruiti pattern--the one we use for our signature placemats.)  You can just barely see Harriet in the background:  she's winding more yarn for the straw loom kits.

  Then, it was over to the counter to make the straw looms to go in the kits.  Linda was in charge of counting the kits and making sure they had their straws.  She also made the stickers for each kit.

  Can you imagine being a new weaver in the middle of all of this????  Carol assisted Connie and Casey with their threading.....just a straight draw for the first one.  They'll be old hands at it soon enough!

Carl and Lanny were the only two actually WEAVING today!!!!  Sometimes, you just put your head down and weave!  Lanny needed to do a count to see if he had enough placemats already woven....I think he decided that he needed just a few more!

  Carl brought a tapestry that he just finished to show us after lunch.  Isn't that wonderful!!!

  And, yes....we did have a potluck lunch today....and I didn't take even one picture of the spread!  It was great, as usual. 
  We got the tubs loaded in the cars, and all that was left was finishing up the ornaments for the tree.  Sharon tagged them and gave Tina a final count for the inventory list.

  It looks like we're ready to go.

Stay tuned for updates on the show!!!!

*****A big shout-out to Betsy....we're thinking of you!  We hope to see you soon.

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Go forth, sell lots and spread beautiful handmade items throughout the land! :-)