Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let It Begin

  Remember when we challenged the Tuesday Weavers to weave a dozen placemats for the Fall sales????  Well....they came through for us!  Look how nice the shelves look in our booth!

  Lots of variety of fantastic placemats....and plenty of each, to boot!!!!

  But, I got a little ahead of myself.  Here is how it looked this morning when I got to the Jacob's Building.  Tina and Marie already had the new rug down (doesn't it look nice!) and they were busy getting the panels up on the little feet.'s always fun to get a shot of the ladies while they work.....either that or they landed in jail!

  Next door, Carol was giving her hubby directions.  By the way, Carol, thank you for loaning us the lights and extra power cords!  They are on our list to buy for next year.  It might be time to have our own!!!!

  As the panels went up, and each one got tightened, we talked our way through what we wanted to do with the rest of the booth.  All our woven items were waiting in tubs and bags to be put in place.

We got the curtains in place along with the lights, then we started unpacking all the lovely woven items.  Needless to say, we moved and rearranged many times during the process.

  It's done! 

I think we're ready!  I have no doubts that the ladies that work tomorrow will be busy rearranging the booth again as they work.  That's just the nature of working in the booth!  (Besides, it's fun to "fluff" the shelves!!!)
  Wish us has begun!

Happy Weaving (and Fall sales!)

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Theresa said...

Happy selling! What a beautiful selection beautifully displayed. BRAVO!