Monday, November 16, 2015

New Puzzles

When we're at the center, we never know what we'll be asked to take. We take everything that is offered to us and then figure out where we can use it or find someone that can. We've gotten everything from fabric to looms to books to sewing machines but this past week we got something new.

Months ago we found out that a former Tuesday Weaver had passed away and we were asked to help with the looms, yarn, etc that she and her husband had acquired. We ended up having a silent auction just among our group and had a blast outbidding each other. Much as we hated to say goodbye to Dorothy, it was good to know that she would have had a blast laughing at our antics while we figured out who would be using the looms and accessories now. We did inherit a 45 inch Nilus Leclerc that Jocelyn weaves on each Tuesday.  

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Dorothy's cousin about some sewing machines they had and some fur sewing machines. (Dorothy and her husband owned a fur business, sewing fur coats, etc many years ago and these were her husband's machines from the business) Of course I said we'd take them! Thursday about a half dozen of us met at their country home to see what we got. I forgot to take pictures of the sewing machines but there were 4 of them. Two in cabinets and 2 in cases. There's a Kenmore and some Singers. I think these will clean up nicely and be usable, even the old Singer that still has a bit of wood attached to it from a long ago cabinet. I wonder whose Morher sewed on it. 

Who knew what a fur sewing machine was? None of us!! I thought it'd be just an industrial sewing machine which we certainly can use. Doesn't look anything like that plus there were 3 of them!!
Ever seen anything like it? We googled the name on the machine and found a you tube tutorial on how it worked. Fascinating!! You sew with the fabric going between the discs which press the fur together. Fabric is vertical, not horizontal!!  My question is, will we be able to adapt it to see the things we were hoping to sew with it.  We shall see.
So, the puzzle.
This week is our Foothills Craft Guild Show. We'll spend all week getting ready for that so this puzzle will go in the background til next week.....Sharen took one of the fur machines home plus one of the sewing machines. I'm hoping that between her and her husband they can figure it out. The machines have all been up on the second floor of a garage, not exactly temperature controlled but inside at least. The good thing is that Dorothy's cousin had some workmen bring them downstairs for us. There is no way we could have done that. The fur machines are heavy!!! 
Stay tuned for updates on that!

Until next week, keep weaving and expanding your horizons with something new!! 

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