Monday, November 30, 2015

Not Much Here!

So in thinking about this past week, it's obvious that no weaving happened! It was hectic. A trip to Atlanta and another to London, KY made for some fun times but weaving took a very back burner this time!!
I did pull out all the balls of painted weft left over from the projects woven the last month.
They looked pitiful. Bamboo is soft, pliable, and a bit tricky at times. It tangles quite easily. When I wound bobbins for weft, I pulled from the center. The same when I was crocheting edges. The result was that the leftover bits were a mess.

Also, there were 3 skeins that needed to become balls as well. So as time permitted, I spent time re-balling the yarns.
I do love the ball winder from Strauch. It holds up to a 2 lb ball of yarn. 
They look so much better now. Ready to store, they're waiting for the project I'll use them in.
There are still 2 skeins left to wind. Hopefully I'll have time this afternoon to do that. I really need to get a new warp on later this week. My last show is over but there's still an order or two to get done. Then there's next year to think about and yarn to many ideas to think about and get listed for next time.
It's easy to be distracted this time of year and I think we should heed the call to have some fun and do some extra shopping. I love going to the shops that sell Christmas ornaments and decorations. Even if I don't buy anything, it sets the mood for celebrating. That's why this blog is late today!!  I refused to go get into the Black Friday crowds but today there weren't crowds where I was. 
Hopefully you will get some creative work done before next week and maybe even throw a shuttle or two!
Until next week, enjoy!

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