Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We've Become A Sweatshop!!! Oh, No!!!


  Sweatshop or Workshop?  Either way, that's what the Studio looked like today!  We were on a roll making ornaments from left over pieces of our weaving. 

Betsy staked out a spot to work on her gingerbread man garland. 

  Frieda and friends had buttons, sequins and shiny threads to decorate the different ornament shapes.

  And, believe it or not, some folks were even doing a little weaving while all of that was going on!!!

  Now.....way back in the kitchen, you can barely see Carol, Marie and Tina.  We were working on the booth design for next week.  It's funny, but we change it up a little from year to year.  And, it will change again when we start to set it up next Thursday.

    Pat got busy cutting the strips for Carl's newest rug.  He sews the pieces all the long edge and creates a large circle....then you just run it through the cutter in one long strip!

  You can see Anna and Sharen in the background....Anna finished that rug this afternoon.

  Those loopers make a really cushy rug!

Carl got started on his rug after Pat finished the strips.  Isn't it fun how different fabrics work together to make a great rug!!!!

  Yes....it's the Ladies....on their phones!!!!  I'm sure they were looking up weaving information!

  Jocelyn kept busy on her sparkly blue placemats today.  We found out that the ones she finished early in October have already sold upstairs!  Weave on!!!!

  A special shout out to our favorite Marine on the 240th birthday of the United States Marines.
  Lanny....we are so honored to have you as a Tuesday Weaver!!!!

Next week will be a whirlwind....batten down the hatches, folks!  And, in the meantime,
Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

My favorite moment was when Harriet said, "Do we have to clean this all up before we go?"