Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rainy Day Weaving

  We are socked in by the front....rainy days have been in the forecast for the last several days!  It was a good day to be at the studio!

  Bonnie arrived really early so that she could vacuum the studio...especially around Carl's loom (and on top of it!!!)  He had dust bunnies jumping down on his warp!  Of course, this was the day that a lot of folks decided to avoid the rush and come early to weaving!  Thank you, Bonnie!!!

  Carl had joined some large pieces of flannel together for his next rug, and Roz and Christy volunteered to cut the strips.  Irene was back with us today, and showed off her scarf that she and Linda beamed last week.  All finished!!!  Guess that means she is officially hooked on weaving!

  Yes, that's right....Irene is going to take Carol's beginning weaving course!
  Joining her is Polly....she wove here at the Center about 10 years ago, and she's ready to begin again!

  Both ladies had lots of fun choosing their colors for their first warp for the table loom.

  Harriet got started on the Ellen's Pattern placemats...always a favorite!  Roz realized that we needed a new sheet on the bulletin board to record our hours.  (Our hours count as volunteer hours that are used for grants for the Center.)

  Bonnie had finished her vacuuming, and got busy on her loom.  Now, if she can just get the other LADIES to get busy, too!!!

Linda, Barb and Linda had their own projects going.  Weaving....chatting....weaving.....chatting.....you know the drill!  It wasn't too long until Linda finished the last scarf on the Pup....two scarves cut off that loom today!!!!!

That means that Linda will start working on "walker bags" on the Gilmore loom.  But, wouldn't you know it....that nylon is not in a giving mood.  Marie joined in to help her tame the tangle!
  The nylon works nicely for walker bags since it holds up to lots of machine washing!

  Carl has started the newest rug.  He told me that the fabric pieces were chosen by Pat...they look super nice!!!

  Congratulations to Harriet....she's now a GREAT-grandmother!  She wove this baby blanket for the new arrival....it's super soft!!!

  I didn't get pictures of the brigade that was formed to move the weaving magazines from their window perch.  Tomorrow, the cabinets under the windows will be moved to the kitchen area of the Studio as part of the remodel.  We'll be getting new shelves for our "library" to replace those.  We are always trying to make good use of the space we have!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Thank you for the wonderful visit! Perfect weaving weather too, as long as everyone can get there, I think the Tuesday Weaver's should do a compilation of favorite drafts. Oh and LouAnn, I have used up a fair amount of 8/4 cotton in my new warp. Looks like this carpet weight will be a winner in dimity for runners. Thanks for your past encouragement on using this yarn way back when....