Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weaving & Catching Up

  It was back to our weaving this morning as we each found a moment to welcome Carol back from her trip.  She quickly got the bags of flour distributed to waiting weavers....that means we have a lot of happy bakers now, too.

Speaking of bakers...Ms. Ila baked a loaf of zucchini bread that was well received!
  Just ask Bonnie!

  Christy provided us with a learning moment this morning.  She had a cone of thread and needed to know how many yards she had.  Out came the McMorran Yarn Balance!  Such a simple, yet elegant tool!  It's not too often that you see it in action.

  As you can see, this corner of the room contained busy weavers.  Carl is sure that he will finish his warp next Tuesday.  That means we'll be tying fringes Tuesday afternoon!!!

  Carl has already asked Pat to wind a new warp for the Barn Loom, and he even showed her the wool he wants to use.  That means she'll pull out the warping mill and wind a LONG warp!!!!

  Marie  got her bookkeeping done, and added the new inventory to the list.  Then it's time to catch up with friends.

   Sharon and Lanny are adding to our placemat inventory.  With our Fall sales coming up, they will come in handy!

A quick glance around the Studio will show the other weaving projects in the works.  Our Lindas are working on painted scarf warps.  I'm sure they will be doing more painted scarf warps on our next Dye Day.

 Anna brought her project to work on today.  This twill runner will be a special gift. 

  The napkin warp on the Macomber is threaded, which means that the reed will get sleyed next week.  As soon as the treadles are tied up, it will be good to go!

  As always, there is so much going on in the Studio!

Weaving with your friends.....life is good!

Happy Weaving!

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