Monday, August 17, 2015

Quilting Fun

When I come up to visit my sister, we often do some quilting. This time we did a bit more than usual. My cousin's daughter in law had a new son and she invited us to the shower in Saskatoon. We need a gift. In fact we needed two gifts. Her daughter'd had a son a couple of years ago and he needed a quilt, too. So we dug into my sister's stash. They loved the quilts.
My sister bought fabric to go with some she already had and designed the quilts. You have to also understand that up here they have Walmart but the fabric is just in fat quarters, etc, not the yardage we're used to.  My sister is very good at figuring out the animal quilts she designed.
She had the quilt tops done and we just layered and quilted them. I think they're quite awesome. They were leftover from the bunch she made when she found out her daughter was pregnant, before they found out it was a girl. First time grandmas, you know.
We got those quilted in less than two days including the binding which I always finish by hand tacking onto the back. I like the look a lot better than machine sewing the binding on.
So last week was my turn to get a project finished. I had made a bunch of 9 patch squares and then sewed sets of 4 together. I'm not sure how many there were but I had enough for a quilt. Actually, the fabric came from my sister. She and a friend went nuts a few years ago on Black Friday and ordered fabrics, especially fat quarters, from Connecting Threads. Even in Canada, Black Friday has an influence. She gave me some of it and we'd already figured out we wanted to make these quilts. My sister has hers done but I hadn't gotten mine done. So the squares already done, all I had to do was cut the strips for between and assemble it all. I have fabrics for another one that'll be similar.
Bit of distraction didn't mess up much. That baby loves fabrics. With both grandmothers being seamstresses, she has a good chance if enjoying sewing. It seems to skip generations but we are hopeful for her to enjoy putting fabrics together.
I got the top together and my sister's friend quilted it on her long arm. I've sewn the binding on but it'll have to wait til I get home to hand tack it down.
I leave tomorrow. So today I've got to pack the car. I've got 14 bags of 22 lb no name unbleached flour from Superstore, 7 boxes of Red Rose tea and some Smarties. That's the shopping I did. Most of it for friends and fellow weavers who like the very light flour the wheat up here becomes.
I should get home on Friday because I have a couple of stops to make on the way. It'll be a whirlwind trip south anyway with tons of driving to do. Good thing I've got my books on MP3 player to listen to. 
Hope you get a chance to weave this week. I've got a warp waiting for me....
Until next week,

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LA said...

You two come up with some great quilts!!!!