Friday, August 21, 2015

FO finally!

Last week, just after I had posted about that cute little handspun baby sock I had just finished, I started the second sock.  Only to find that my handspun yarn is not consistent enough to have the first sock match the second sock.
So, I grabbed up some blue sock yarn and immediately started the second first sock!  I have to say that this second first sock went much quicker than the first first sock.  Probably because I knew the pattern so well.

The first second sock went well, in fact I can tell that I had relaxed just a little bit by then so it is just a little bit bigger than the second first sock, but I was not taking it out!  It's a baby sock for cryin out loud!

Anyway, I knitted my little fingers to the bone getting these cuties ready to go by Monday night.  (Thankfully not Sunday night as I had earlier thought!)  Monday afternoon, I was weaving in the cute little ends and steam blocking the little handfuls.  I was certainly impressed by how the steam relaxed the socks so that I could give them a few good stretches to get the kinks out.  I never really thought that steam pressing was good enough, but in a pinch I think it is fine.

Monday night, the new mom was so excited about the home made baby socks.  I took a quick peek and the new baby feet and decided that the socks would fit for several months yet.  Yay!  Now to work on the next pair, this  time in a pink color.

Not much else to share really, I have almost finished another blue jean placemat for the placemat challenge, bringing my grand total to almost 3 of 12, I know pitiful!  I have done a little weaving on the napkins, but I am doing it as yardage, so I haven't a clue how much I have done.  The other 2 looms have not been touched.  I asked my 90 year old Mother in law if she had any "get up and go"  she could lend me.  She told me that it got up and went a long time ago!  :)

I will be camping next week, so I will miss the fun on Tuesday, and I am not sure I will have anything to post next friday.  I'll bring my camera though, just in case.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

Next week should be great for camping! I know you've got a knitting project picked out to take with you. Have fun!