Thursday, August 27, 2015

Use It Up!

  For the last several years, every time I stripped a pair of jeans to use for rugs, I cut out the inseam and the outer leg seam.  I tied them in a bundle and put them in a box or a basket that was handy.  And now......
My box floweth over!
  Actually, I don't think this is all I have....I think there's another box downstairs.
  My thought was that they would be good to use in a rug....but, I didn't want to mix them with regular jean strips.  I found some #18 sewing needles, and I think it's time to start joining the strips together using a zigzag stitch.  We just about have uses for every part of a pair of jeans!!!
  I'll keep you updated.
  I'm still moving a little slow since the smack down last week.  I learned quickly to take it easy...these summer colds are MEAN!!!!  I found this stash when I attempted to clean out a closet.  But, this is something I can tackle a little at a time. 
  Can you believe it's eleven days until Labor Day?   Where did the summer go?

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I will be curious to see how it works, I have thought about it but I haven't saved my seams, yet!