Monday, August 24, 2015


I'm home!! 
Pulled into the driveway about 3pm on Friday after taking my time driving back south. 
It's kind of fun to be driving near some interesting places that you just "have" to stop by. InWeave is only barely 20 minutes off the interstate in Iowa so why not stop and pick up more selvedges to wear into rugs? That was Wednesday. Then I stopped driving early because Thursday I wanted to swing by Missouri Star Quilt Company and I had to time it so that I was going by when it was open. Good thing it opened at 9am. The purple bags are from there. That shop is amazing! It's actually 6 shops and they're working on more. They've taken over the town of Hamilton which is where JC Penney was from. It's a destination shop. I saw cars there from as far away as Texas. Great way to spend a morning but meant it took 4 days instead of 3 to get home.
The bottom layer of bags in the car are flour. Yes, Canadian flour is much better than the flour down here for baking bread and I have friends that want it. Customs isn't even surprised anymore when I come through with my load. In fact, this time he just said that a lot of people bring it down. Got Red Rose tea, too...
So now I'm unpacking and trying to get back into the swing of things. I have a warp on the loom from before I left. I'm about to go thread it and maybe even start to weave it today. It's going to be another busy week.
I had a blast on my summer vacation and look forward to going again next year. Plans are already being formed for it.
So, back to reality and glad to be throwing my shuttle again!
Until next week, keep weaving.

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LA said...

I'm glad you're home safely!!! It looks like you brought back lots of goodies, too! See you on Tuesday.