Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Business As Usual

The Studio is the perfect place to be on a cloudy, rainy day!  The Weavers just get down to the business at hand:  Roz is up and running with the placemat warp, while Bonnie is making good time with that painted shawl warp.

  As usual, Ms. Ila is making a fashion statement while she weaves away on her painted shawl warp.

  Lanny continues to make progress on the black placemat warp.  Those will be great for the Fall sales.

  Jocelyn's placemats have a holiday look with that added little bit of bling.  They will be great for the Fall sales, too.

  Frieda is weaving a clasp weave scarf on the rigid heddle.  We were really glad that Charlotte could join us today!

  Carl has enough warp left for one more rug.  Harriet sat down to help him get the blue jean strips cut for the last rug.

  Marie knew just where that piece should go!  Pat, Charlotte, Darlene and Tina were busy solving the puzzle of the rigid heddle. 

   Pat also put the tapestry loom back together to show Sharon how it worked.

  Tina gave a short lesson  on weaving on the Kumihimo loom.  We have a few folks that are interested in this unique way to weave cords.

  Please give a warm welcome to our newest weaver, Elysia.  She just finished taking a weaving class at Arrowmont, and she caught the weaving bug. 
  We're glad she can join us here at the Center.

Carol should be back with us next week....we wish her a safe journey home!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

Gray and gloomy outside, bright and sunny inside!