Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is Carl Here???

  He has legions of fans....everyone adores him!  Now folks are bringing their friends to meet him and look at the items he weaves!

  Carl's friend, Rae, brought two of her friends to the Center today to see him at the old loom, and browse through the woven items in the Shop.    I know for a fact that a lovely wool rug went home with one of them this afternoon!!!!

  The visitors got a chance to see the other weavers, too.  Linda had her rigid heddle with her, and we all admired her colorful scarf.

  The Ladies (AKA Shirley, Bonnie and Ms. Ila) were all busy at their looms.  We have all sizes and shapes of looms, that's for sure!


  Jocelyn, Carol and Lanny were busy with their projects.  Carol is threading the next towel warp, while Jocelyn and Lanny were weaving.

  It wasn't all weaving:  there's always some bookkeeping that has to be done.  We had a pretty good July up in the shop, and Marie got busy checking off the items that sold.  Placemats, scarves and towels, basically.  Is that our "bread & butter"???

  Sharon's getting another scarf tied on her loom.

  Yes.....knitting!!!  Harriet got a quick lesson from Roz.  And, I did overhear something about socks!!!!  Guess that will be next on the agenda!
  Meanwhile, LaDonna was weaving away on her rigid heddle.....she finished the scarf that was on it by lunch!

  And, throughout all the activity, Tina just worked away on the coverlet repair.  Now.....that's concentration!!!!

  I missed getting pictures of Linda L., Sharon H. and Betsy....so sorry!!!  I'll do better next week.  But, I did find that pesky missing thread on the napkin warp.  Of course, it was right in the middle!  That means I'll be threading next week!!!!
Happy Weaving!

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