Friday, August 7, 2015

Small Talk

Sometimes you want a distraction, to get your mind off of life's problems.  Sometimes you want to do something that isn't important in the grand scheme of things, like small talk with a friend.   Sometimes, when a human friend isn't handy, I find what I am looking for in one of the many boxes hidden away in the studio.

The word for small talk in Italian is "Chiacchierino" oddly enough there is a delicious Italian pastry like cookie that you can only find in February,  in Milano anyway, with that same name.   However, you would be right to think that I am highly unlikely to find that in the boxes upstairs.

No, the Chiacchierino I am talking about we call by a different name here in the States.  Here as in England it is called "Tatting".  I found a box full of my Tatting supplies, late this morning as I was looking for something to post about.  There was a lot of false starts and a few bits and pieces, but truthfull the only major project that I had tried to do was a bonnet that mysteriously disappeared, shuttles and all, when I was about to the half way mark.

I gazed into the box and I wondered if I had forgotten how to do it?  I knew that there was only one way to find out!

I still got it!  This is supposed to be a 3 leaf clover, using 2 shuttles and crochet thread #30.  Trouble is I got carried away and realized that  I had gone passed the stopping point, so it will be a 4 leaf clover after all!

Who knows what else I am going to get mixed up in, while I am supposed to be weaving for the shows.  It seems I am getting interested in the most fiddly of crafts lately.  First Kumihimo braids, with bobbins and counter weights, then Swedish Sami bands with all that fiddly pick up.

Is there anything more fiddly than Tatting?

Until next time, Happy crafting, Tina

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LA said...

That is really a lost art, and I'm glad you decided to try it out, again.